Nord Lead 4 - Pure

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Though on paper the Nord lead 4 has a simple layout, the inclusion of digital waveforms and new filters has given the Nord engine a new lease of life and an expanded palette.

“Pure” provides a lush and full sound all the way through. The bank contains 99 presets and 25 performances, including huge pads, silky strings, brooding atmospheres, deep basses and rich plucks and leads.

The influence of electronic dance music runs through the bank, so just about all sounds will easily fit that context, but no since genre dominates, allowing "Pure"  to cater to a wide variety of styles. These patches are designed to inspire.

Some of the performance patches are combinations of different sounds chosen to compliment each other, while others are programmed to behave just like individual sounds, but of course with the added benefit of more oscillators, filters and routing, resulting in a richer tone than could be achieved with individual sound slots.

35 MIDI files are included provide musical inspiration and examples of context, you can hear these in the demo.

  • 99 Individual patches
  • 25 Performance patches 35 MIDI files
  • Modwheel assignments
  • Many hours of careful programming, this bank started in 2014!

Sami Rabia @ Aiyn Zahev Sounds

"Wide selection of high quality sounds... I did not feel there were any obvious filler sounds. The quality is high, the variation is good and you have obviously taken care of details such as clicks and a thought out selection of effects." Plughugger Sound Design

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