Horizon: Dcam SynthSquad Fusor

$ 12.50 $ 25.00

Aiyn Zahev: Horizon is a collection of sounds for DCAM Synth Squad intended for most genres of electronic and dance music. Created by sound designer Aiyn Zahev, Horizon's presets are equally suited to ambient music, soundtrack work and forward-looking pop/rock styles.

Horizon's sounds are derived from experimentation in Fusor, DCAM Synth Squad's environment for synth layering and FX treatments.

Packed with hard-hitting bass and lead sounds, haunting pads, imaginitive textures and atmospheres, Horizon's 128 presets provide macro and performance control modulation for real-time playability. Other sonic highlights include beautiful plucks for trance and electronica, inspirational arpeggio presets and even pseudo-acoustic sounds with an eastern, cinematic feel.

I hope this is a bank many will reach for when inspiration is needed.

"I love how this soundset makes the old Fusor shine as if it was new. Great sounds!"

Please note this is for the original Dcam Fusor, not the new SynthSquad plugins.