HIVE: Organism & Elevation Bundle

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Get both of these great sound banks at reduced cost!

With the 1.2 update, HIVE gets a huge expansion with wavetables.  The inclusion of such a classic digital technology enables HIVE to reach back into time and connect us to the awesome wavetable sounds of the 80’s and 90s.  With it’s filters, modulation and unison it enables us bring those sounds into a modern context.



Elevation is a collection of 85 presets for U-he HIVE, aimed primarily at trance music producers. It takes it’s cue from modern and classic trance sounds but HIVE’s signature sound provides a fresh take that works well in modern productions.

The bank takes advantage of HIVE’s three distinct filter models to deliver squelchy resonant & screaming acid sequences. The fast envelopes allow for snappy, crisp plucks. The supersaw stacks are used for those massive anthemic leads, for the all important "breakdown”. The bank also has several lush, dense pad sounds.

HIVE’s fat, analog-like oscillators are put to use to provide your track with 27 foundational bass sounds, 17 of which feature a programmed sequences. Most bass sequences are programmed in octaves so as to be usable in any key.

Also included are individual midi files from the audio demo, royalty free. For producers engaged in 138 or Progressive trance, EDM or even ambient electronic music, there is a lot this bank has to offer, whether as a spring board for your own sound design, or finished sounds right out of the box.

User Quotes:
"Been checking out the hive bank. Wow man.. Superb!” 
Simon Bostock (Monster Force)

"These pads. OMG! Quality gear, as always. Check it out folks." - The Thrillseekers (Adjusted music)

"For me there is only handful of sound designers out there that always deliver high quality trance production presets that ignite inspiration in the studio and Aiyn Zahev is certainly one those. Each patch of the new Elevation Hive bank is 'usable' and the quality is very high and expertly showcases what the awesome Hive virtual instrument synthesizer is capable of. If you produce trance music and own Hive you will WANT to grab this fantastic sound-bank."
- Dave Dowsett (UK Trance producer aka Factoria

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