Lush-101: Flight Path

$ 14.00 $ 28.00

D16 have modeled the famous Roland SH-101 and added a whole host of modern features, and what an awesome job they did, the sound is truly lush.

Flight Path takes 74 of my best sounds for Lush-101, it includes 74 presets as both layers and timbres, giving you both tools to construct you own complex layers and straight out of the box sounds complete with custom effects, eq & compression from LuSH's own built in mixer.

There are hard 303 style leads, lush pads, serene plucks, huge trance anthem & uplifting leads, varied fx, cerebral & contemplative experimental sounds and more. Also included are 6 basic Royalty Free MIDI construction kits, a total of 42 MIDI files. A great tool when you need inspiration and you can go ahead and make full releases using them!

  • 74 LuSH-101 Presets (.shprst)
  • Velocity and Modwheel allocations
  • 6 Basic Construction Kits
  • 42 Royalty Free MIDI Files

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