DUNE Tundra Vol.2 (Dune 1 only)

$ 13.20 $ 22.00

Tundra Vol.2 is the follow up to the very well received Tundra Vol.1 bank. 

This set brings out D.U.N.E.'s more aggressive nature.  Dark pads and distorted bass, sub basses and Rough leads.  It also highlights some of the more beautiful and serene sounds it can produce, so there are also light delicate leads, complex evolving pads & tranquil plucks.

This 105 Preset bank caters to a wide array of electronic styles but especially suits trance.

  • 105 Trance and EDM presets
  • Velocity and Modwheel allocations
  • FX carefully applied with interesting routing
  • Only works on DUNE 1

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