DUNE: Tundra Vol.1 (Dune 1 only)

$ 13.20 $ 22.00

Fresh, modern and huge!  DUNE is still a fantastic synth for trance production because of it's huge supersaw modes and extensive modulation capabilities.  Tundra Vol.1 Expansion for DUNE makes extensive use of its complex modulation capabilities to give you intricate pads and complex arpeggios and at the same time provides inspiring and classic trance sounds.

There are aggressive, smooth and sharp basses. Ethereal pads & big trance leads and much more.  This synth still packs a punch!

Fresh and inspiring soundset, really adds to the existing lush presets, modern and powerful! the sounds can go into productions immediately, they are well programmed and fit into mixes nicely. the variety is great, all in there!
- Thomas Gold

  • 128 Trance and EDM presets
  • Velocity and Modwheel allocations
  • FX carefully applied with interesting routing
  • Only works on DUNE 1

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