Repro-5 CUBE

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

CUBE for Repro-5 features 110 presets, inspired by both modern and vintage synth sounds.   

Repro-5’s polyphony makes it ideal for pads & plucks, but it’s unison also allows for stacked oscillators, detuned and panned, making it a powerful sound design tool for vintage baselines, scary drones, aggressive pad beds & modern dance music.  

The result is a bank with a variety of soft beautiful tones, vintage synth leads and pads, modern EDM sounds that cut a mix and lots of atmosphere and cinematic sounds. 

The effects section is used appropriately, many presets are dry, allowing the brilliantly modeled oscillators and filters to shine.  Others make heavy use of reverb and chorus to accentuate the atmosphere and feel of certain patches even further. 

All Presets tagged for use in U-he’s new browser system, and feature Modwheel assignments where possible and velocity where sensible.

Drop these sounds in your DAW and be inspired on your next production

Try free presets from this bank

  • 110 sounds
  • Velocity and Modwheel assignments
  • Careful use of effects
  • Tagged presets for U-he’s new browser system
  • MIDI from audio demo
  • Version 1.1 or up required


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