Repro-1 Prometheus

$ 30.00

Prometheus for Repro-1 features 120 presets exploring both vintage and modern sound. Over 90 of these presets come with programmed sequences to not only give you an inspiring sound, but also fresh musical ideas.  Repro-1 has superb filters and beefy oscillators, making it ideal for baselines, arpeggios and musical monophonic sequences, but thanks to some trickery with the arp there are even some pseudo polyphonic pads.

Any of the sounds of course can have their sequencer switched off and used normal patches, basses, leads, atmospheres and mono-phonic pad sounds, giving you a full 120 sounds to work with, all tagged for use in U-he’s new browser system.

Patches feature Modwheel assignments where possible and velocity where sensible. The effects section features heavily here, reverb and chorus accentuating atmospheric patches even further, while subtle distortion and EQ is used judiciously on patches that benefit from a dry and powerful sound, such as basses.

Drop these sounds in your DAW, save time on production!

  • 120 sounds
  • 69 programmed sequences Included
  • Velocity and Modwheel
  • Careful use of effects
  • Tagged presets for U-he’s new browser system

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