Diva: Transitions Vol.1

$ 35.00

Diva is perhaps one of the most impressive soft-synths ever made.   Using state of the art modeling technology,  it offers an incredible hardware-like sound, great flexibility and impressive effects. It's remarkable versatility lends itself greatly to contemporary electronic music and sound design.

I took full advantage of this versatile and robust sound in this expansion for Diva.  Transitions goes deep into the many nuances of sound DIVA can produce.  The sounds produced are rich and varied.

Besides the sounds trance and EDM there are also many sounds that reflect my love for a variety of styles, ambient, classic electronic music, all of which DIVA produces with exceptional finesse.

  • 150 EDM presets
  • Velocity and Modwheel allocations
  • FX carefully applied
  • Free addition: The 8 winning patches of KVR's best mini-bank competition "City never sleeps"

This bank has received lots of positive feedback, including from one of my favorite artists:

Just have to say a massive thanks to AiynZahevSounds for the excellent Diva ‘Transitions’ bank. 3 patches and counting in my current tune.
- The Thrillseekers

         "The quality is simply outstanding and I can use them right away without  fine-tuning them... this is what I call good presets. Your sense for trance and progressive sounds is exceptional... The most used soundbanks are Transitions 1 to 3 for diva, definitely”  
- Bjulin Music, on his compositions for Nintendo Switch’s Fast RMX

The sounds from this bank also won first place in the KVR mini-patch contest

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