Diva: Transitions Vol.2

$ 17.50 $ 35.00

Presenting Transitions Vol.2, AZS second expansion for the brilliant U-he Diva synth features 150 new sounds.

Diva remains one of the most analog sounding digital-synths around, but now goes in a new direction with it's classic digital Super-Saw oscillators and the buttery smooth “UHBIE” filter. Both of which are used extensively in this bank.

The 150 presets are inspired by classic analog sounds heard on compilations from Global Underground, Sasha & Digweed and others.  They are designed to sit in the mix and offer inspirational ideas for new songs.

If you need Haunting, film-score style pads and atmospheres, raw basses, 80's pop and trance style arpeggios & sequences and huge Super-saw pads, leads and plucks, this bank's got you covered. 

There is a nice mix of classic & modern dance sounds in here, as well as more experimental exploration.

"The quality is simply outstanding and I can use them right away without  fine-tuning them... this is what I call good presets. Your sense for trance and progressive sounds is exceptional... The most used soundbanks are Transitions 1 to 3 for diva, definitely”  
- Bjulin Music, on his compositions for Nintendo Switch’s Fast RMX

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