Nord Lead A1 - Project AIR

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

Project AIR brings you 200 fresh new sounds for your Nord Lead A1 and A1R.  The Nord A1 features an extensive variety of oscillator models, filters, filter drive and effects, all these allow for a wide array of sounds in this bank, spanning many genres and styles. Drawing inspiration from modern production styles, and genres like EDM, trance, melodic techno, progressive house and cinematic synth scores.  The bank features sounds inspired from all of these genres across pads, basses, leads, plucks and arps.  

These single presets are carefully programmed to be usable straight from the A1, and are designed for studio work. Pads range from full and, bright and expansive sounds to sparse and tense, perfect for scoring something dark and atmospheric.  There are a number of stripped down analog style patches, as well as extensive FM, unison and FX usage for large wall-of-sound patches. 

The bank also includes 90 MIDI files that are designed for specific presets, to provide inspiration and a jumping off point for many of the sounds. 

200 Presets

90 MIDI files

Modwheeel assignments on most sounds

OS version 1.34 and up required

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