Electra2: Dark Energy

$ 25.00

Electra2 features a powerful oscillator selection with JP-supersaw and Hypersaw algorithms allowing for those big classic trance sounds and fresh clean cut modern supersaws. 

The powerful filters also have an uncanny ability to mimic the synth sounds heard in classic trance or sound super modern.

Dark Energy sees these raw elements crafted into 100 beautiful trance presets, resulting in a rich, highly characterful bank that walks a fine line between bold modern and colorful classic trance.

All presets are carefully programmed and feature tweaks and adjustments to help them fit in a mix right away & feature mod wheel assignments.  The bank also includes 5 royalty free MIDI project files helping you get maximum inspiration & value from this set.

Version 2.1 or higher required.

"Just bought the Dark Energy bank today. Awesome, inspiring sounds! And it's great that the author included MIDI as I really wanted to learn a thing or two about the layering and arrangement besides the sound design. Thank you very much" - KVR Forum user

"I purchased your Dark Energy soundbank for Electra2 and absolutely loved it. Great quality and no filler sounds. You clearly put a lot into each preset you make. It was a great blend between well crafted popular sounds and polished originals." - Connor O

  • 100 Presets
  • 5 MIDI projects
  • Modwheel assignments
  • Quality sounds

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