SERUM - Halcyon Vol.3

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Halcyon Vol.3 contains 101 sounds, with simplified preset categories:

39 General synth, 30 Bass, 13 Pads, 8 Effects, 6 Percussion & 5 Sequenced sounds

I wanted this third volume of Halcyon to be the most versatile yet.  I've taken what I have learned since volume two, and pushed myself to explore new areas of synthesis and Serum's complete capabilities.

The addition of the the scream filter and sine-shaper to Serum allow Halcyon Vol.3 to be broader in scope than previous volumes.  Distortion, when used carefully, can lead to rich and expressive sounds.  The sine-shaper in particular, when combined with pre-filtering, yields an abundance of character.  The 101 sounds here have been designed stand their ground in a busy mix, or provide a rich foundation in more minimal compositions.   

Rather than focus on a genre, the sounds in this bank vary more by sound design technique.  Wavetable synthesis provides moody, swirly pads, pitch drift and saturation provide the flavor of vintage synths, and careful filter/distortion combinations allow for the up-front and pushy modern sounds.  The precision offered by Serum’s engine ensures a clear, defined sound.  Changes can be introduced to the presets, from subtle to extreme with the assigned Macro controls.

Modwheel and Macro Assignments
MIDI & Ableton Project

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