Massive: Safara Vol.1

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Safara means travel, with this bank my intention was to travel through wide range of electronic genres,  glean characteristics of each and mould them to work in dance music.  

The result,  128 patches that cover a huge range of sounds.  Punchy basses for slick trance basslines, long pumping electro sounds, lush full pads, airy and ethereal intro sounds, huge anthem leads, percussive and modeled plucked strings & mad modular style FX sounds.  Includes 6 royalty free MIDI construction kits, which you can hear in the audio demo.

They are both useful in forward thinking dance music compositions and ambient styles of electronic music.  Whether you're into trance, dub step, ambient, house, techno, you're definitely going to enjoy this bank.

I was really impressed with the quality of sounds included in the Safara sound packs for Massive, and I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks dirty bass sounds and edgy in-your-face leads! 
Truly Massive job, AiynZahevSounds!”

Axis (Enhanced Progressive, Air Up There)

Safara Vol’s 1 & 2 for Massive really work like Magic”

Mostfa&Mostfa a.k.a Craft Integrated (AEZ Recordings)

  • 128 Massive Presets (.nmsv format)
  • Velocity and Macro Allocations
  • Six Basic Royalty Free MIDI Construction Kits (as heard in audio demo)
  • Compatible with Version 1.3 and above

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