Reason 9 March 16, 2017 08:57

Reason 9

Since 2015 I've been getting a lot of requests to provide sounds for Reason, either with Combi's or for some of the rack extensions available for it. For whatever reason I just never got around to it, despite intending to.  This year, 2017, I've decided It will happen.

I initially planned to make some sound banks for synths like Thor & Antidote, but it seems like people want Combi's more than anything, so It looks like I'll focus on that. I think the majority of presets will use combi's for some basic things like adding EQ, some effects or doing some stacking when necessary, but I'm not looking to make huge complex combi's, at least not to start with.

As for my concrete plans, it looks like I'll be doing a Subtractor based combinator bank first. Everyone has access to Subtractor and it has a lot of mileage in it.