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Welcome to Aiyn Zahev Sounds. Purveyor of top quality soundbanks for synths.

I am a sound designer and owner of Aiyn Zahev Sounds.  I've worked with companies such as U-he,  Tone2,  KV331 AudioXils-Lab & Synapse-Audio and have been providing artists with inspiring presets for two years, receiving great feedback.   In 2012 I was honored to team up with Resonance Sound.

I am always working on new sounds,  if you'd like to stay informed please join the mailing list below (your email is will not be shared), follow my facebooksoundcloud or Youtube channel.  If you have any comments, feedback or requests please drop me a line on the contact page!

Have a look at the sound sets page where you can hear audio demos and purchase my work.

Currently working on:
Tone2 Electra2

I've had Electra2 (and before that ElectraX) for a long time, and I always planned one day to make a bank for it.  For whatever reason I never got to it, but I realize now is the best time for it.  The 2.1 update brings loads of new features which really make this synth stand out.  I've been unable to pull myself away for several days now, I feel I've just scratched the surface and I'm getting amazing results.  Have a listen below, let me know what you think!